The Metro vs. The Province: Where is it Best to Raise Your Kids


Filipinos either want to live in the metro or the province. There is no better option than the other; rather, the choice would depend on your preferences and circumstances. If you are an expecting parent or already a parent with the freedom to move wherever you want, here’s a list of the advantages of raising kids in the metro and the benefits of raising kids in the province.

Perks of Raising Kids in the Metro

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Educational Opportunities

The metro houses reputable educational institutions in the Philippines. Suppose you recently bought a townhouse for sale in Makati. In that case, you can send your kids to reputable schools in the city such as St. Paul College of Makati, CIE British School, Fulbright Science, High School, iACADEMY, and others. Once your son or daughter graduates from high school or college, they can find suitable companies to apply as interns and get the necessary experience to land their dream job. Moreover, since there are plenty of opportunities in the metro, your son or daughter can find suitable part-time employment if they want to earn money independently.

Greater Access to General Health Facilities

Sickness and other health-related emergencies can’t be avoided at all times. When you live in Metro Manila, you can be confident that you have quick access to clinics and hospitals. Some houses and lots in the metro area are a few meters away from these medical institutions, so you can also save time when you visit your doctor if your child needs medical attention.

Exposure to Diverse People and Cultures

The metro is home to millions of people from different backgrounds, countries, and languages. As a cosmopolitan area, your child can meet these people and learn from their history, skills, culture, and language in the metro. This opens up their minds beyond the world they are experiencing. When they learn about other people’s lives, they might be encouraged to pursue other interests in life, such as traveling, learning another language, and others.

Plenty of Safe Spaces for Play and Leisure

There are numerous establishments in Metro Manila and other metropolitan areas in the Philippines that offer safe spaces for children of all ages, including their families, to enjoy, relax, and play. These include theme parks, resorts, museums, and malls. For sure, your children will never be bored when you visit these places with them. Best of all, these establishments are easily accessible, so you can plan on visiting during the weekend or on holidays.

A Fast-Paced Life

Once your precious kids grow up and climb the corporate ladder, they will experience a fast-paced life. If you raise your kid in the metro, they can keep up with the lifestyle in the city where most of the employment opportunities abound.

Advantages of Raising Children in the Province

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A Relaxed and Healthy Lifestyle

The province offers a more laid-back lifestyle. Since it is quieter as compared to the metro, your children can be more relaxed when they stay here. Raising kids in the province is also beneficial since the air here is cleaner. Produce such as fruits and vegetables are fresher, and you can buy them in nearby markets, grow them in your garden, or receive them as a gift from your neighbor.

Life Closer to Nature

The province is teeming with beaches, lakes, oceans, mountains, hills, and other bodies of water and land. During their free time, you can permit your kids or accompany them to explore the outdoors instead of staying in and playing video games. Although you can still visit these natural wonders from the metro, nothing beats the convenience of living close to these places.

Quality Education is Affordable

Even if you decide to raise your children in the province, you can ensure that they get a quality education. Since life in the province is often more affordable than in the city, you can be sure that they will get quality education minus the high tuition fees. Provinces in the Philippines have universities and colleges, so they can get a quality education even without sending their kids to the metro.

Learn Skills from Different Physical Activities

Let’s say you just bought a lot for sale in Pangasinan. After building your home in the lot, you still have plenty of space to cultivate. If you live in the province, you can teach your kids how to raise animals and plant vegetables and fruits. When your children grow up in the province, there are numerous skills they can learn firsthand by trying them out instead of just reading up about them.

More Space to Move Around

The province is less crowded and is teeming with sprawling spaces where your kids can enjoy. Your kids can run around safely and ride bikes if you raise them in the province. It is also easier to teach your kid how to drive in the province because there is little to no traffic.

The decision of where to raise your kids is up to you. As you have seen, there are unique benefits in raising kids either in the province or in the metro. The important thing is always to be there for them to guide and assist them with their journey in life.

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