The Mt. Everest Team


I think it is a noteworthy thing for Filipino climbers to attempt to climb Mt. Everest. I mean, for me, it is already hard enough to climb the stairs, let alone a mountain here in the locality. But those team of men and women, they braved even the frigid cold just to conquer the highest and most treacherous peak in the world. That is something to be proud of.

Gee I can only imagine the cold, climbing those steep, rocky slopes, while lugging their very heavy hiking backpacks that contain all their supplies that are supposed to last them until they climb back down. I wonder how heavy each pack weighs? I salute the achievements of our fellowmen in this field. They had trained so hard for so long in order to make a name for themselves and the country.

As for me, oh well, I will just find other ways to make the country proud. Hehehe…

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