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The Power of Advertising

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We all know how powerful advertising is. People would never know about a certain product or service if the same is not advertised or promoted properly. Of course, advertisers constantly need to think up innovations when it comes to medium of advertising.

Television advertisements, flyers, brochures, posters and banners are almost always effective. People often get enticed to buy a product or try out a service when they see its advertisements and all the more so when they see a famous celebrity endorsing the product. However, there is a new form of advertising medium that’s fast becoming famous and that is feather flags. These are vertical flags often printed with a logo and several wordings and the main purpose of which is to promote or advertise something.

A feather flag has proven to be very effective because people often get intrigued when they see the printed flags being blown by the wind. The fluttery flags which seem to say something make them check out the ads. That’s how powerful advertising can be.

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