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My hubby likes to play almost every kind of PC games and so do I. Since apple trees bear apples, our children love playing PC games. My daughter and even my five year old son know how to turn on the desktop or the laptop when they want to play games.

To keep them interested in computers as this will help them in the near future, I am planning to buy them a new and challenging PC game this Christmas. Though I am an avid PC gamer, I always rely on others when it comes to buying PC games because I don’t want to waste my money. I like to buy games that I have seen played in action or with high recommendation rates from other people.

Recently, I was introduced to Princess Bride Game. It’s the newest gaming sensation that can be played by every gender both by the young ones and the adults. Most gamers liked this because aside from good quality graphics, the game is also quite challenging. The game was based on Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride that was released somewhere in the 80s as a family adventure film. By the way, the great part about this PC game is that it can be installed both on PC or MAC and can be downloaded over the internet.

Since it has good reviews and is a family friendly game, this might be the one I am looking for. It can be played both by my kiddos and us – the parents! By the way, they are looking for parents to purchase and play this latest hit game and review it online in exchange for some goodies. This can also be an awesome bonus, don’t you think?!

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