The Pros and Cons of Urban Living


Moving to a big city can be an exciting choice for many people, but not everyone is prepared for the challenges that can come from urban life. If you’ve thought about making the move, you should take time to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Pro: More Transportation Options

Many urban dwellers don’t own cars because they don’t need them. They take buses, commuter trains, taxis or subways to their jobs and back, and these can cost less than having to fill up a car when gas prices are higher. Urban dwellers who cannot live without a set of wheels can choose to downsize to two instead of four with a motorcycle or moped, which are very useful modes of transportation in big city environments. Just remember to stay safe and that in addition to the first responders, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help in the unlikely event of an accident.

Con: Higher Crime Rates

Cities, by their very nature, have more crime than suburbs or rural towns. Some neighborhoods can be worse than others for certain crimes, so you should do your research before you choose one. Just remember that what appears to be a cultural shift between the rural and city is really just a product of math: more people for a given square mile means a greater chance for crime to occur. The reason cars rarely get broken into out in rural areas is because there just aren’t as many cars and not many people either.

Pro: Everything’s Nearby

Most necessary amenities and recreational facilities are within close proximity to city centers. Living in an urban area often means being able to find shops, restaurants and essential services within walking distance of your domicile. Hospitals are a short distance away compared to suburban or rural communities. On top of that, you have parks, museums, theaters, and clubs to enjoy without the long drive.

Con: Everything’s More Expensive

Not only are real estate prices higher in urban centers, but the increased cost of living makes everything from food to consumer goods pricier than they would be anywhere else. Not only does that make it harder to maintain a healthy living on a smaller budget, but it also means that you’ll probably end up with a much smaller space than you would in a suburb or a rural community.

Pro: More Work Opportunities

Cities have a lot more employment options in a diverse array of fields. Whether you’re looking for a job in manufacturing, service or construction, you’re more likely to find one in an urban center. You also have a better chance of switching jobs without having to worry about long-term unemployment issues.

Con: Fewer Personal Relationships

Unlike other locales, the faster pace of life in cities makes it more difficult to nurture a social circle. It’s not impossible to make friends in a city center, but people tend to be less trusting and have less time on their hands.

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