The Rains are Pouring

When it is MassKara time here in our city, the rains are pouring. It is really hard to go around the city and enjoy the festivities because you will get really drenched. Even if you have an umbrella and a rain jacket, it is no fun if your feet are wet and splish splashing in the muddy waters. Yuck! I could get an infection if I will only wear flip flops.

Thankfully, there are fashionable women’s rain boots. I know there are just regular rain boots available for these ultra chic fashionable rain boots are really nice to look at. They are unlike the colored rain boots that we see amongst many people. These are funky styled rain boots that serve their purpose but can also match one’s outfit. I love the new designs and colors!

I will really get a pair for myself and my eldest princess as I think the rainy days are here to stay.

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