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After I sent him an email, he readily replied twice in a day. He asked for sorry and said that he loves me. Of course that is pretty common if he commits a mistake. Anyway, the reason why I got stood up last Sunday was he got so entertained playing billiards with his friends that he forgot about his dinner and me. He said he wanted to look for something to entertain him because he is missing us so much. Well, I guess men are always ready to say great excuses!

Oh well, I didn’t mind everything actually. What I was very concerned about was his commitment to pursue our plans to get united again. If you remembered last June 2008 that I moved out with the kids just to rest from his vices. Then later last year, I moved in back and he proved that he has changed but somehow when January 2009 came he started fading away again. So, I emailed him if he is decided to pursue. Then he replied that we should hurry back home because he misses us already and needs us to be with him. Hmmm… sweet eh?

Tomorrow my children, my nephew and I will be leaving for Bacolod. It will be a one day travel because we will be passing by Dipolog and Iloilo. Just to be honest, even how terrible my hubby makes me feel at times, I really do love him. I am angry for awhile but dead in love for a lifetime. So I can’t deny the fact that I am so excited to see him again.

Since I sold my portable SmartBro modem, I can’t be online while travelling. So probably I will be offline about 24 hours or so. When I am back, planning to launch a blog contest again. 🙂

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  • Phebie

    huh? now namo larga?wat tym man?dawbi ang gift ni micah?

    ate, pila imo baligya sa imo portable smart bro modem?

    am so happy that ul be together again as one family…

  • aeirin

    mommy, ganun naman yata ang love eh. kahit anong mangyari o maging kasalanan nya, mahal mo p din sya. pero magtira ka para sayo. sana maayos n lahat ng problems mo. lalo n magkakababy kayo ulit…

    ingat sa byahe. if you need someone to talk to, im just a buzz away.

  • onlinemommy

    hmm.. wondering what are your husband’s vices. Is it just hanging out with friends?
    I sincerely hope that you and your husband will be able to settle your issues and that you will have a safe travel back to Bacolod.

  • pradeep

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  • Sheng

    hay, LOVE!

    as long as you’re happy and the kids are happy, we’re happy for you too!

    your husband is really a lucky guy having such a devoted wife like you!

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