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The Reasons Why Some Children Don’t Enjoy Mathematics!


math_bookMathematics remains one of those subjects that you either love, or find difficult to understand which can make it hard when attempting to teach a child. Maths has always been a subject that people are worried about, and some may even be afraid. Often the pressure to succeed in this subject will make it more difficult for a child to learn.

As with all subjects you need to ensure that you teach children in a fun and engaging way that will guarantee that they enjoy maths. There is a huge failure in every level of teaching, which is why more children than ever before are struggling. Once they get lost in their younger years, it is nearly impossible to regain the understanding of the subject.

Children need to be entertained at school, and if there is a subject that they do not understand, this will cause them to have a dislike of that subject. Often the curriculum that is set is far too high, and even the teachers are struggling with the content. If the maths teacher is finding the subject hard, there is little hope for the students.

Teaching maths at a level that suits your child’s developmental skills is essential, and will guarantee that they understand what they are learning. Maths is a subject that may take longer, and some children naturally struggle with the subject. Taking it slowly and ensuring that the child is happy will ensure that they remain focused.

Every element of learning needs to be fun and relevant to that child, and there are several different ways to engage your child with maths. Being patient and explaining every element will help with the learning, and you need to remain focused on what your child does understand. There is no point in getting angry or upset, as this can make your child hate maths even more.

Recording progress, and rewarding your child for the times that they do understand is essential, and they will soon begin to love maths, and want to learn more. Finding out the ways that your children want to learn, and focusing on these can help a difficult situation far better. You need to remember that all children learn at a different pace, and you should never feel let down by your child development.

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emotera goddess February 9, 2013 - 1:10 am

I used to hate math during my school days… Contrary to it my son now loves numbers so much that he doesn’t like studying other subjects except math.

roviedear February 12, 2013 - 12:01 am

in my case, i loved math when i was little. pagtanda ko i lost my interest haha! 😛

Bobby John February 12, 2013 - 11:23 am

When I was still in grade school I used to love math in fact most of my quizzes are perfect (lol) but everything changed when I become active in different activities in high school whereas I couldn’t find a way to study my math lessons… and now I’m a college students and I guess I should say that math is a THREAT to my studies.. Yeah, I cheat because they said it better to cheat than to repeat.. HAHAHA.. 🙂


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