The Shocking News…


…that shocked me too. I can’t believe right now that I am typing this post in my desktop here in my hubby’s boarding room at Bacolod City with my baby boy lying down at bed with his father!! Yes, shocking isn’t it?

Well, I arrived in Cagayan de Oro early Wednesday last week. Then my hubby followed Thursday and arrived around Friday afternoon. We had some problem with my hubby’s travel but good angels like Mommy Genny and PayManila came to the rescue and I thank God for them (thank you guys!). Anyway, we celebrated my son’s birthday last Saturday at the beach. My family and my in-laws arrived. We had a quick but happy little reunion.

Then, when hubby waked up Sunday morning, he told me that he wanted me and our baby boy to go back with him. He said that he can’t live without me and his children. So, he wanted to use the remainder of his 13th month pay as travel fare back to Bacolod City. I told him if we do that, we couldn’t buy any project for our family this year. Then he replied it’s OK since he is emotionally happy when his family is with him. Since big girl is still in school and has requested to stay, he decided that our baby boy and I could come and our dear daughter will follow us after the school year.

Isn’t that shocking?? I mean I was ready to inform everyone that next year, we will be relocating back here in Bacolod for a major family and marriage makeover but I didn’t expected it to be earlier. And coming from my hubby’s mouth that early was quite really unexpected!!

Actually, he has been shocking to me ever since I came back here in Bacolod. Though we had a rough fight early this month, he has shown a great deal of change. Most of them are corny and romantic acts but I liked it (giggles)!! Anyway, I don’t want to blog about it right now because it is TOO EARLY TO TELL but I am praying that life would go just fine by God’s grace.

So, please expect me to be inactive in the next few days. I am still posting this using my prepaid SmartBRO account with my desktop. I left my laptop with my daughter and my other unlimited internet access. Tomorrow, I will be applying for a new unlimited broadband access here so that I could start blogging and online trading for services again. Please…do bear with me!

By the way, thanks for visiting me shocking news. I don’t know if this would turn out to be a good or bad news to me and to all of you but I guess I am just a stubborn person that hopes life would just be kind to her.

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Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • aeirin

    Kaya pala d k n nmn masyadong online… But I’m happy for you mommy. sana tuloy tuloy na yan… Hope to have a chat with you soon

  • bellybelle

    hahaha…… thats a very great and good news to hear,anyway expect the unexpected,God is always Good in our lives even we are too stubborn to realize it….so what you are waiting for,show your hubby how much you love and appreciate what he is doing right now,cook for him hug him everyday…..

  • Mariuca

    Hi Ruby!! Wow, this is indeed great news for you eh? I can imagine how shocked yet so very happy u are right now, good luck to u sweetie! Big HUGS! :):):)

  • mommy elvz

    Hmmm this is what the shocking news is all about pala hehe

    It’s a good news for me! 🙂 This only means that God is in control of your life and marriage.

    So be happy!

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