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The Smell of New Cars

I have heard of people liking the smell of the interior of a new car, especially if the upholstery is made of leatherette. Honestly, I personally hate it. The smell of new leather makes me dizzy! And they say that there is even an air freshener that simulates that new car smell! Ack! I would run away from it!

That is why if I would have custom seat covers, I would choose the material that is similar to fabric. I think I will appreciate those custom made tweed seat covers because of their classic designs. And most of all, they are machine washable! I would not want any extra expense in keeping our car seat covers clean. Popping them in the washer would be the best option for maintenance for me.

Well, I do hope I can get a car someday for my family to ride in comfort. For now, I can only work first and live within our means so that our family can have food to eat and my children can continue going to school. The dream of a car has taken a back seat for now but I hope eventually that it will come true in the near future.

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