The Sweet Scent


Ahhhh….I can already smell the sweet scent of Christmas. Actually, the wind changed directions kinda early this year.

I just love the sweet scent that the holiday season brings. It wafts of cold air mixed with spices and even apples. I dunno, it just smells sweet. I am not sure if everybody is experiencing it, but I do and I love it! I associate certain smells to people, things, and events and this is one smell that I really like.

So once again it is time to shop for Christmas gifts for my kids, my godchildren, and the kids of my close friends. It is time for exchange gifts. Oh how I love to shop for presents! I just love choosing things for the people I love and care for. It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction if I am able to give gifts.

But you know what, I always think that I will intentionally skip giving birth during December because then my child would only get a shared birthday presents and Christmas gifts. At least if his or her birthday falls on a different month, she is sure to get birthday gifts and Christmas gifts when December comes. Haha… Shrewd, right? Well, I think that way because I think that I would really feel bad for one child not to be able to have the same opportunities as his or her siblings.

This Christmas, I am thinking of getting some gadgets for my kiddos. These may not be really expensive stuff, just some things that involve electronics because they are quite techie and would appreciate such items. If I were to afford, I would get each of them an iPad (and myself, too) because they can really use it for educational games and enhance their learning. As for me, well the iPad would be a personal gift.

It is only a couple of weeks to go till Christmas, I better start shopping!

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