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The Top Electric Companies in Abilene Texas

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Whether for your first connection or you just need to change your existing electricity provider, one thing is evident, it can be overwhelming. So many questions come up and it’s also a lot to take in, especially when choosing the ideal electricity provider. If you happen to live in Abilene Texas, it’s important that you know all about the fixed rates versus the variation in rate plans, everything to do with prepaid plans, and where to start. This article will, therefore, help you avoid the pressure and the hustle involved when looking for an electricity provider. Before we get to the electric companies, here’s how to choose the right electricity provider.

  • Do Your Research – The very first thing you need to do is do extensive research on the electric companies around you. This will help in comparing and contrasting rates and plans. This is important as it will help you in choosing the one company that is right for you.
  • Exceptional Customer Experience – Before choosing your electricity provider, it’s critical that they take care of your needs fast. This is will help determine their response in times when you need them the most. It’s imperative that they expediently answer and resolve your queries.
  • Affordability – Ensure that the company you decide on has the lowest rates in comparison with the rest. However, this shouldn’t affect the quality of the service provision.

With the few pointers above, let’s now take a look at the top electric companies in abilene tx.

1. Champion Energy Services

This is one of the leading electricity service providers based in Houston Texas. They will offer you the best deals to suit your needs. They have the best customer service that is operational on a 24/7 basis. They cater to both individual and commercial customers with a combination of an index, hybrid, and layered purchase options. The fact that they’ve been in the business for long gives you the assurance that they’ll be there each and every step of the way.

Working hours are (CST)

Monday-Friday 8:00am-11:00pm

Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm

Closed Sunday

2. Spark Energy

Being in the market for more than a decade, they are your next electricity providers. They are both consistent and will also deliver reliable low-cost electricity. Having been in the market for long, they’ve established a good amount of customer network and they’ve invested a lot to ensure that all are satisfied with their services. In addition to this, they also offer you custom plans that are tailored to suit all your electric needs.

Working hours are

Monday – Friday, 8AM to 7PM

Saturday, 9AM to 12PM

Central Time

3. Reliant

Reliant is an electricity company that offers you a wide variety of electricity plans that suit your needs. They also have renewable energy options such as wind power and solar sell back plans. This means that if you are the green type of person, you’ll end up saving a lot with such options. They have an efficient customer service ready to take your queries 24/7.

With the above three options, you are sure that you have all your electricity issues sorted out. Just ensure to get the best deals and the best company that also offers you better payment plans.

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