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The Value of Reading

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“Readers are leaders,” they say. I could not agree more. Show me a man who is brilliant with words and I can tell you he is a reader. Reading takes you to places. It makes you explore new cultures, broadens your horizons and widens your perspective on things. I could only wish that this new generation would have the same passion for reading as ours, but sadly, reading has taken a sad plight for at least a decade—before the invention of ebooks.

Thanks to technology, reading has once again become a passion for this younger generation. I know of some who still prefer to go to book shops and prefer to flip through real pages than be ebook readers, but it does not matter, actually. Whether you prefer to do it the traditional or modern way, reading is still reading… and it definitely produces brilliant minds!

As a mom, I am instilling the importance and value of reading to my kids. Hopefully, they will see what I see and grow to be readers, and will become leaders someday!

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