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There Are No Accidents


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It’s been a week since we watched Kung Fu Panda with my father and the kids. Last night, I, my mom and the kiddos went out too. We didn’t watch any movie but we went to the groceries and bought milk and food for the children from my GotPinoy.com winnings. The children were very happy. Aside from buying bulk milk products, I let them chose all the snack items they want to bring as “baon” for school. After that, we ate at Jollibee where my mom told me that she is very happy with it. She also told me if I didn’t come back from Bacolod, she wouldn’t have the chance to eat at Jollibee again (got me teary there).
Anyway, I kinda went null after the night – not wanting to do anything just yet online (aside my from my father’s new found joy in playing bookworm at my PC – so I didn’t disturb him). And somehow, I was able to ponder how God really made small things to become such great blessings. In my financial difficulties, God made ways for money to be provided just to meet our needs. Winning from the contest was not an accident. God allowed it to happen, not for the sake of really winning, but for providing our needs. I then remembered what the tortoise Master Oogway of Kung Fu Panda said when Master Shifu didn’t believed that Po (the panda) was the dragon warrior – there are no accidents. Everything happened for a purpose.

Sometimes, you really don’t know how God sees everything and how He prepares the way but be assured that He doesn’t leave you behind carrying all the burden. Indeed, He is a great provider – Jehovah Jireh. The Lord God provides.

Thank you Lord for taking care of me and my family. I may not be rich but I my needs are met.


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Pinay WAHM June 13, 2008 - 9:43 am

What great way to put things into perspective. It seems that you see things more clearly now that you have some kind of a rest, mentally, physically and emotionally.

And yes I am a great believer that there are no accidents and that everything happens for a reason [or purpose as you so nicely put it here]. This is actually my motto in life and it somehow helps me see things at a different light.

Believe it or not, the way you wrote this entry makes me believe that everything will be alright with you and the kids.

Keep on going…

Mommy J

Mummy Sheng June 13, 2008 - 11:10 pm

nice post!

i’m happy that you and the kids are starting to somehow live life as normal as possible. i guess having your parents around made it so much better! good to know too that i can sense a bit of happiness within you.

god indeed work in very mysterious ways. he is really the greatest provider! just lift everything up to him and he won’t leave you needing for anything.

take care always and god bless!


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