They Wanted Me to REST!!!

Yesterday, I was not able to get hold of my computer to do online works because my PLDT dsl connection was down until 2:00am early dawn today. And guess what, around 2:00pm this afternoon, I was not able to access again because of a brown-out!!

Gesh…I felt they wanted me to stop doing online activities lately. HEHEHE… So, I opted to rest and sleep again. It’s the only resort I have…hehehe….Anyway, I did some packings also and my baby boy was so “mommy” today. He asked for my attention which I gave him all. He enjoyed it very much and so as my big girl.

Oh well, I have many pending emails to sort out and also some things to do. Be back later for more post. See yah!!


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  • Pinay WAHM

    So PLDT got my memo huh? I sent them one not too long ago. I asked them to stop the service in your house only para makapag pahinga ka naman….haha. See how powerful I am?? I’m telling you….

    So why did you go to be at 3:30 AM again? Do you want me to send another memo?

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