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Things To Note In Accepting Jobs

The joy and excitement of getting hired is truly priceless but newly hired workers should bear in mind some of the most important things before becoming a “Yes-Man” in certain jobs. Take note of your duties and responsibilities; make sure it’s stipulated clearly in your contract with the corresponding rightful salary.

Don’t forget to ask for the basic benefits like health insurance, paid leave of absence and all other similar workers comp insurance. Take note of the possible basic salary deductions as well, like taxes. These may not all be present at the same time but it pays to know that you deserve to have and not to

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  • Plastic Packaging

    I recently (2 days ago) accepted a job offer with a company in Washinton, DC. I had heard positive things from a few people who have no direct connection with the firm.
    Since that time, I’ve heard dozens of negative things about the corporate culture from employees and ex-employees. Things that confirm some red flags that I noted during my interview.

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