Things to Take Note When Purchasing Pearl Jewelry

Of all the types of the jewelry, the pearl studded ones are among the classiest. However, they are also the type of jewelry that can easily be imitated. They can be mistaken with white beads with glossy finish. Identifying which one is legit is somewhat easy to do. First you need to know the common pearl imitations to fully distinguish them from the real ones.

The most common among them are the plastic beads. They are usually very light and coated with pearl essence and being hand polished every after each coat.

Another imitation type are the glass beads, they are a bit heavier compared to the plastic ones but the process of making it look like real pearls is just the same.

Both can be found being displayed along the side walk as choker necklaces, pearl rings and bracelets. If you are only up to styling up, then these imitation pearls will just do. However, if you are planning to collect the legit ones, then you should be very keen in the choosing process.

There are several simple tests to test real pearls and the most common one is the tooth test. Lightly rub the pearl along the biting edge of your upper front teeth and if they feel gritty or sandy, they are real pearls. If they feel smooth, they are probably the faux ones.

Another simple test would be the friction test. Just rub the two pearls against each other and same thing with the tooth test, if they feel gritty or sandy, then they are real and if they are smooth then it is otherwise.

The last but not the least among the test would be the surface magnification. This time you will be using a magnifying glass and usually the real pearls looks scaly and maze-like

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