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Things You Need To Know About Rugs

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Most people are often confused with the variety of rug choices available these days. Since most of them are machine made they follow similar patterns and are not distinguishable from each other. Certain carpets are ideal for rough use while others need to be preserved for occasions. Expensive carpets such as rugs from Persian, Turkey and India need to be carefully maintained. Some of these can cost thousands of dollars and likely to be handmade.

Handmade carpets are usually made using wooden looms and they possess intricate weaving and multiple layering. These can last for several years if you maintain them properly. Rug cleaning requires patience and certain amount of knowledge.

Where ToAcquire An Authentic Persian?

Where else but Persia! Some of the best places for purchasing carpets in the world include Iran, and Turkey. Some of the smaller and medieval towns in these places still make carpets in the old way. The Iran Carpet Company is one the oldest in the country. The primary colors which are used in production include red, blue and yellow. Mineral based dyes are used in these carpets and they are capable of lasting hundreds of years. Kashmiri carpets from India are also handmade and exquisite. They follow the Persian technique and have similar motifs and patterns. One can find animal and nature based motifs on many of the carpets made in Kashmir.

How To Choose A Carpet?

While buying a carpet always avoid the tourist traps and travel in- land. Chances are that the best one’s are made in the smaller towns and you will be able to get it much cheaper. The middleman’s commission alone can cost an arm and a leg. As long as you avoid these you should be alright. Also, avoid bright colors and go for somber pieces. The bright colored ones are designed for tourists and they may not be of high quality. Somber blue, dull red and bottle green are some of the best choices.

How Much To Pay

That depends on the size of the carpet and the intricacy involved. Most places in Turkey and Persia encourage bargaining and it is completely up to you. If you can drive a good bargain then you can reduce the prices to a good extent. Remember, that they would probably quote at least twice as much if they see a foreigner.

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