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Those Exciting Grammy Awards Highlights


I am sure you were also tuned in when the biggest music awarding spectacle was aired on television the other day. It sure is one glitzy and glamorous event attended by a lot of well known and respected celebrities in the music industry in the US. I am also certain you have your own bets of whose artist is going to bring a Grammy award, I sure have some of my own, too!

Apart from the much awaited awards to be given out, what keeps people glued on their TV screen while the Grammy’s is on, are the beautiful and engaging performances. It sure is a delight to see real life partners Beyonce and JayZ perform together. And did you ever expect that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr number? It sure is a treat to music fans of different generations in different parts of the world. Seeing members of the Beatles play once more makes you want to grab one of those exciting Yamaha Keyboards at musicians friend and finally learn how to play Let It Be in it, right?

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