Thoughts from the Heart

I have been very silent for the past few days. Not that I have any physical problems but I have issues of the heart. As usual, itโ€™s no longer new to know that my hubby and I are still not getting along. Sometimes, as days passes by, I can feel that life and the excitement of living it is slowly draining away from me. I felt that I have lost hope of being happy and peaceful in my lifetime. It is just so sad for me to realize that there are things even how simple, a person is sometimes destined not to experience any of it.

Sometimes, as I sat in front of the office furniture that I bought last year, I find myself tinkering all of our stuffs. I am not looking for anything in particular; I am just somehow lost in time. Trying to look for something but I donโ€™t know what. Maybe I am just trying to look for the tangible manifestation of LOVE but somehow, I have been looking for it at the wrong places or from the wrong person perhaps?

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