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Sometimes it’s really funny when people makes a review of your blog but translate your posts differently. It seems they have reviewed my blog but did not read the entire post or if he did, he may have a shallow understanding of the words I used.

For goodness sake, I am not leaving my husband. LOL!! I may want to leave him but I can’t and I won’t. It would have been a different me if I did right?! But some would be utterly happy for me and still I love them for being so caring.

Anyway, we had a bad day last Friday. We weren’t able to talk properly but when Saturday came, we were able to settle the differences with the help of our local pastor. Then later we had another serious fight because I just found out that he lied again to me. He bought a guitar gadget. Actually, I don’t mind that he bought once since he could use it at the church. What I hated was he lied to me! He said it belongs to someone wherein fact the item and the manual was all brand new. After a few hours of not talking and me crying, he stopped playing his guitar and we talked. Of course, as usual, he talks like he wants too but he acts as if he doesn’t want too. But after a few minutes, I have told him my side and how he is causing all the pain. He listened and he told me his side and the things that are causing him to cause me pain. Well, I can’t discuss much about this because this is too personal but my hopes are again HIGH. I can’t place my hopes on him because he is but human. I am placing my hopes in GOD that He would help us adjust with all the pain. Both of us are still adjusting with the restoration process; so both of us are having a hard time adjusting with all the pain caused by our two years of separation. I hope these will all come to pass and that our marriage would go strong!


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janet February 1, 2009 - 4:53 pm

mommy r,

i think people thought you were gonna leave your husband because of the song you posted.

it’s a goodbye song.

of course we know you love him no matter what.

just be more careful now coz whatever you feel, whatever you do, the baby can feel it too.

lurchie February 2, 2009 - 6:56 am

I agree with janet po.

at any rate, whatever decisions you make, always remember that your emotions are no longer your own but it is shared with your baby as well.

God bless, po.

anne February 2, 2009 - 2:26 pm

Hi girl, when your pregnant you are easily gets emotional maybe that is, so stay calm and relax for your baby. ignore the things that makes you cry and pray. Some men don’t understand of our emotion when it comes to that, of course which I understand nd sila nabuntis eh. And maybe your husband just said that because of the hot agreements between the two of you. syempre if mag iinit yung isa eh yung isa nd din mag la lie low sasabog talaga.
wag ka na lang iiyak i know its hard, but you know what? just think of your baby baka kasi sa kanya din babagsak yung dalamhati mo eh. di ba? Try to not think of anything that will get you mad and take things easy. Best regards to your kids and smile 🙂

Cool Fern February 4, 2009 - 4:33 am

hi and hello…reading your post today makes me smile and reminisce and think of my life, too, when i was younger(smile smile smile)because i can relate…i was once like this..i passed this scenario…now ,i can smile and even laugh about it…..
now here’s my thought about the lie..i guessed he lied because he does not want you to make a big fuss about it…sometimes all it takes for us mothers and wives for that matter is to read between the lines or their actions…maybe he did the lie because whenever he buys stuff for himself, the wife nags about it or make a big deal about it so because he did not want you to make a big deal about it ,he lied..maybe just maybe..this is just my thought..
so next time ,try the reverse psychology..pretend you’re happy whenever he buys stuff for himself so he won’t lie

admin February 4, 2009 - 7:47 am

Hello Cool Fern, thanks again for your comment but I guess you need to know the entire story of my marriage life before you can say I nag my husband if he buy stuff for himself. I don’t complain if he buys anything for himself and besides, I even have spoiled him with things he wants.

One thing that really pisses me off is when he lies, not with buying stuffs (which I don’t usually care since it’s his money) but in many other things especially when it’s about his vices.

I am not a perfect wife but I have been to hell and back just to make this marriage stay afloat.


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