Thoughts on Telecommunications

Here in our place, you can count the number of telecommunications companies by your finger. Only few were given license to operate.

In the US, telecommunications is one of the services that are considered as a necessity in life. You need fast access in order to get the message through as quickly as possible. So in most states in the US, there are several companies that were given licenses to operate. I was able to read some Spectrotel news in a certain site the other day. They were granted a license to provide local exchange service a few years ago by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). The license allows Spectrotel to supply basic local telephone service within a certain geographical territory.

Anyway, I believe that what they have done is a good thing in the US. By granting licenses to different telecommunications companies, they can now provide many choices for consumers resulting to lowered price and also giving work to other citizen. No monopoly takes place.

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  • Regayumi

    Mommy Ruby,

    I agree with you in giving licenses to several companies to operate so the monopolizing activities of bigger company won’t take place. I hope that it would be applied too here in our country. But with the kind of government we have, I doubt it.

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