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Since I decided to teach, I kept on thinking about how I should manage my time. As of the moment, aside from being a single mom to three children, I am also a teacher by daytime and a virtual assistant at night. And not to mention, I am currently the president of CDO Bloggers Network (that means I am also a blogger) and a part-time online entrepreneur. If I look at it, with the positions I hold, I think I don’t have the time anymore. I am fully-booked!

BUT, there are some obligations that I need to fulfill without compromising my own goals and aspiration in life and also pursuing the things that I am passionate about. Physically, I am starting to get exhausted with all the daily travels (can’t blame me, I have been working from home for almost 10 years now) but sometimes I remind myself of the WHYs – the reasons why I am doing these things. I need to endure, pursue, and enjoy the process as I go.

I know that this is not healthy for me, but I still need to sacrifice a few things right now in order to achieve something in the future. All that I am doing right now has definite reasons. In due time, I will reveal it in the future.

So, as to not bother me with many things to deal with, I have decided to say NO. I need to budget my time in a wise manner. Not that I am saying to all NO but more on being selective with my YESes. I decided to prioritize things that contribute to my 3Ps. The things I should say YES to should have a purpose, makes me a productive person, and gives me profit monetarily, spiritually, and/or gain knowledge. I might sound off or arrogant in saying this, but I think being selective with my YESes will keep me sane with all my obligations. I think it is impeccable that I should be doing this.

Anyway, I am not saying that I will be able to do this perfectly but I am sure that I need to do this and choose this decision again and again for the sake of my sanity and my family. I need to think about the long run!

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