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I love traveling. It’s great to be able to experience a different environment, food, people and other things. It’s like rediscovering something you haven’t known existed before. When I visit a new place, I make sure I try all the local delicacies. It’s great to taste a different kind of food. Here in the Philippines, although it is a small country, and yet cultures vary, depends on where you’re coming from. Each Island would have a different way of doing things, different way of cooking, different ways of dressing up. So when I go to a new place, I get very excited. It’s cool to meet new people. You will discover that even we live in a one country, each people group will have different cultures.One of the best destination in going places would be the Philippine resorts. We have the best and most beautiful places to see and visit. I haven’t gone to all our resorts yet but I have seen, read and heard from people about them… which makes me want to travel even more. When traveling time, it is best to search about the place first and find out what to do where and where to do what. That is the best advise I can give to those who love to travel also. This way, we have a glimpse of what’s going to be happening in that place.

One of the places I want to see is Seville. If and when I go there, it’s pretty easy to do bookings. Just visit Seville Hotels Destinia and they will give you all the names of the hotels, hotel ratings, their recommendations and all that. If you are on a budget, they also have a list of budget hotels available. And if you’re into luxury traveling, they will have a range if luxury hotels as well.

Makes me wonder, when can I go visit other places again?

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