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Three Encouraging Gift Ideas for the Dieter in Your Life

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Three-Encouraging-Gift-Ideas-for-the-DieterAre you looking for a fun way to support a good friend or family member who has just decided to embark on a new healthy lifestyle? It can be difficult to buy for somebody who is trying to eat healthy – so many popular gifts work against dieting goals, like restaurant gift cards and boxes of chocolate. You’ll definitely have to skip the classics and think outside of the box.

The Gift of Encouragement
This quick guide will provide three ideas to help you get started. Whether you want to congratulate a friend who is excited about reaching a major weight loss goal, or want to wish luck to a coworker who has decided to adopt a lifestyle change such as adopting a gluten-free diet, the following gifts are sure to show how proud you really are.

1. Handmade healthy snack arrangement
Show your enthusiasm by getting hands-on with your encouragement. A healthy snack basket is a great way to help further the goals of the recipient’s new diet while giving you a chance to flex your creative muscle. Think about the type of diet your recipient is pursuing (grain free, vegetarian, paleo) and find a fun way to arrange some of the most interesting staples from said diet.

Look to online shops that sell fruit baskets and decorative food arrangements for inspiration. Include a handwritten note of encouragement and a few healthy versions of favorite snacks for an extra level of personalization.

2. A membership to a fruit or vegetable delivery club
Sometimes the most difficult part about dieting is figuring out new healthy meals to keep the taste buds excited. Half of the battle is having nutritious food in the home at all times. Look for popular food subscription services with national delivery, like the organic fruit gifts from FruitShare. We like FruitShare because they offer a great variety and make healthy eating fun again.

A subscription for fresh food is a great gift that keeps on giving. Most services allow you to choose your subscription length, up to a year in some cases. Perfect for a recipient who has a growing family.

3. A gift card to a favorite fashion boutique
The best way to remain enthusiastic about a diet is to remember the purpose behind the plan. Whether the purpose of the change is to lose weight, regain energy, or simply to improve health, a new diet transforms the body from within but external results are unavoidable. Clothes that once fit might not fit anymore after gaining muscle or shedding pounds. A gift card can help fund fresh outfits suited to the recipient’s new lifestyle.

Getting into the Spirit
Showing pride in your loved one’s accomplishments does not have to end at gift giving. Supporting a friend, co-worker, or family member is a rewarding experience – perhaps all that encouragement may even rekindle your own interest in nutrition and healthy eating. Pledging to become a partner in health just may be the most profound gift of all.

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