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Thrill of Las Vegas

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I am really fond of watching action movies. I am more manly when it comes to movie taste. But one thing I like about watching action movies is the place where they take their shoot. It makes me imagine how it would be like to be there and experience the place physically.Oceans Eleven (and the other succeeding movies) was taken in Las Vegas. I don’t like gámbling though but I really love the lights and the showgirls dancing – thats one of the reason why I wanted to go there. So, I wondered, how much does it cost to be in Las Vegas. Again, I took a surfing trip to my dream vacation budget. I wondered if there are affordable hotels in Las Vegas. Well, to my amazement, I found a list of hotels – not just hotels but even some cheap hotel Las Vegas. Sometimes, knowing the price will give you more perspective in planning your dream vacation. All I need to do now, is prioritize the place for my dream vacation!

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