Time for a Getaway

Sometimes when life gets too wound up for words, we look to various options where we can relax and perhaps get away for a few days or so.

For me, I prefer going to beaches and staying for a couple of days and avail of villa rentals that suit my taste. To be honest, a few years ago, I had no idea some of those gorgeous establishments looking over the ocean were referred to as villas. But that all changed the day I was tasked to check out some Florida villas that were more than gorgeous. By then, I was hooked and I could not help myself but dream of having an “ancient Roman upper-class country house.” Well, that’s what Wikipedia said.

Don’t you think villas are just gorgeous? If I had one, I would surely feel as though I was an owner of a huge grapevine and I would make wine for my house and for sale, too! I cannot believe that some people just stay in their villas for certain seasons only, but then again, if the villa is located in an area that is not that close to civilization, then perhaps I would only visit MY villa, if I had one, during times when I wanted to relax. Like now!

Though there are various styles of villas, I think almost all have a romantic appeal with them. Not just because they have these ancient architecture but also because of all the stories and the history that has gone down in the said villas. Most villas also have gardens where people can stroll around and relax. Now I have a garden at home but its not like I garden for pleasure or something – I don’t even have the time to think about tending to plants and stuff. So these gardens in villas would usually have a gardener to tend to the flowers and plans and shrubs and they would more or less look nice all the time.

10 thoughts on “Time for a Getaway

  1. in the event you God inclined you’ll be able to have your personal villa, by no means ever before overlook to invite us Mommy Rubz ha

  2. I really really wish to have the luxury to vacationed in that kind of place. kahit pnas vacay namin walay klaro haaay life

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