Tips to Take ‘Extra’ Care of Oneself


Well, as a mom, you have taken good care of yourself and your loved ones. However, we insist you to take some time off your busy schedule and read some tips below.

Here, we do not want you to take care of yourself, but take ‘extra’ care.

With extra care, we mean – some fashion tips that have never been on your list, but can help you be at ease.

You need tunics

Well, if you are walking around your house or in the park wearing an oversized t-shirt, it is time to switch to a tunic. Tunics help in skimming your body and will make you look cool (what’s better than being tagged cool by your kids or your friends?)

So, don’t waste time is substituting your t-shirts with tunics.

Too busy to buy them at a retail store? Buy them online! Shopping at, you can spend less time and order more, dumping yourself in that comfy couch. offers products for an affordable price, but you can further get discounts by using coupons. Note: Before using coupons, be sure that they are not expired.

Shirt + dress = shirtdresses

We urge you to have at least one shirt dress in your wardrobe because they are comfortable. It is simple, yet stylish (a true combo).

However, before buying them, look for fabrics that can be cleaned with ease and taking care of them is not an issue. Jersey knits or cotton is our choice.

Looking for your size? Hunt for them online, as online stores give you a wide variety to choose from. Before completing your purchase, choose coupons and offers sensibly. After all, discounts will add to your savings, right?

Shoes or slippers

Whatever you like, wear it. But be sure that they are comfortable and can be used at home (if you are a stay-at-home mom, you will definitely need it). So, choose a simple, comfortable, and cute-looking shoes that can be worn anywhere. Skimmers are an option too because there is a variety to choose from and, at the same time, they are inexpensive.

Looking for the best deals for cute shoes? offers lucrative discounts for online shoppers. So, look for them. Add to it, coupons that can effectively pull down your purchase price.

Hair care needs time

Spend hours on them and adore your hair all day long.


That looks like an event from the past, right?

Well, as a mommy, you don’t have enough time to take care of your hair.

So, here is a simple trick to make you look better and, at the same time, save time.

A good haircut (that requires minimal maintenance), pomade or gel to prevent your hair from sticking out every way, and a hat (cute one) while moving out of your house.

That’s it!

Go organic

Not just with food items, but even makeup and perfumes. Opt for organic products that will help you look good and at the same time, away from possible side-effects.

You can buy it online and get unbelievable discounts on them.

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