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To Work or Not

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I really love my career right now as a stay at home mommy. I love the fact that I can work at my own time and pace. Aside from that, I love how I can spend time with my children as often as I want and even attend to their needs.

Unfortunately, due to financial pressures, I have been contemplating lately of getting a job outside our house. At least when I am working outside, I get to go to work daily and get to have salary on a certain time of the month therefore I will be able to pay our debts without worries.

Though my income is good while I am at home, the flow of financial resources is not stable. Plus, I always get to finish them in the nick of time because my mom wouldn’t help me with the baby not until my tasks are about to expire thus making it as an additional pressure on my side since we needed money badly.

Anyway, I am still contemplating on it. I know there is another solution which is finding help to assist us but it is very difficult to find one here in our place. Hopefully, I pray for a miracle to find help!

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