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Today is International Cat Day

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Ever since I was a child, I grew up having pets. I can clearly remember that my first pet was a dog and then when I got older, we started having cats. Then just recently, specifically last year, I started adopting cats.

The first cat that I took in last year was Coco, a Siamese half Persian cat. I was told he was dark brown in color so I pre-named him Coco (chocolate) but when I saw him for the first time, I noticed that he was only brown when there’s a bright light. But most of the time, he is visibly black. Now, a year older, he is becoming more like a black cat than a brown one. He celebrated his first birthday just this month, August 6.

Bulingit and Coco

The second cat I took in was Neo (sounds like new). He is a puspin (Pusang Pinoy). We took him in because he had many siblings and he wasn’t able to eat much from his previous home. We also wanted to have Coco a playmate.

Neo Sleeping Beside Me

After a few months, we adopted new kittens, siblings Bulingit and Puti, both are puspins. Well, there names should have been Yin and Yang but my mom had difficulty calling them that. So he started calling them Bulingit (dirty because his face looks dirty with his fur pattern) and Puti (similar pattern with his sibling but more white fur).

Bulingit and Puti

Since we are planning to move to a bigger and gated place, we are planning to adopt more kittens in the future. No, we are not planning to have a rescue center for abandoned kittens, but more of a haven for pets. All my kids are animal lovers. My youngest daughter loves cats most especially! And yes… they are all male cats!

My Youngest and Bulingit

So obviously, to celebrate the International Cat Day, I decided to blog about our cats. I believe that they also deserve a space on my blog. I love them to bits!

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