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Top 10 Causes of Fire

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A fire can really wreak havoc on your home or business. Even if you don’t lose anything too valuable, you can be left with smoke damage that can be harmful due to the leftover odor of smoke as well as soot and other debris. It’s important to keep your home or business free of potential fire hazards so that you can avoid a disaster that can turn into a tragedy. DKI Services is a company that can help you to eliminate the smoke following a fire.

Be Aware of the Top 10 Causes of Fire

Certain things can easily lead to a fire starting in the home or office. It’s important to be aware of these, which are as follows:

Cooking Fires: Cooking fires are most likely to occur at restaurants and other places where people do a great deal of cooking. Grease can splatter and nearby combustibles can cause a great deal of damage when the kitchen goes unattended for too long.
Home Heating Fires: It’s important to have your furnace regularly inspected. Portable heaters should also be in safe spots in the home and away from anything combustible.
Smoking: Smoking is a chief cause of fires. If you smoke indoors, use an ashtray and always ensure that cigarette or cigar butts are fully extinguished.
Electrical Fires: Frayed wires and overloaded electrical outlets can lead to a fire in both homes and businesses.
Candles: If you use a candle, always keep a close eye on it and extinguish the flame if you no longer need to use it.
Children: Always keep your children away from matches and the stove. Explain the dangers of fires to them and teach them not to play with matches or lighters.
Faulty Wiring: If you have faulty wires in your home or at your business, have them repaired to ensure safety standards.
Flammable Items: Avoid keeping anything flammable, such as turpentine, paint, cleaning products and other things, near sources of heat.
Holiday Decor: Avoid placing your Christmas tree too close to the fireplace or any other fire sources.
Grills: Avoid cooking on your porch or underneath awning. Always make for adequate space when using the grill by your home.

Let DKI Provide You With its Valuable Services

Unfortunately, a fire can happen to anyone. If you experience a fire and are left with structural and smoke damage, you will want the services of a skilled restoration services company that can make all the repairs you need. DKI has been in business for more than 40 years and has an excellent reputation for smoke damage restoration.

DKI will have one of its contractors go to your location to assess the damage. You can expect only the highest quality services like emergency cleaning, deodorizing, structural cleaning and repair, smoke and odor removal and content restoration. Once DKI is finished working on your home or place of business, you can expect the place to look the way it did prior to the fire.

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