Top 10 Commentators for December 2011


Before I start making posts for 2012, I would like to recognize my top 10 commentators for the month of December 2011. Thank you so much for making time to visit and comment on my blog!!! 🙂

  • Shydub Shydub (15)
  • AnneM AnneM (12)
  • zoan zoan (12)
  • Yannie Yannie (9)
  • Pinx Pinx (7)
  • Vernz@ Woman Elan Vital Woman Elan Vital (5)
  • Rebel, Sweetheart Rebel, Sweetheart (4)
  • sir rob sir rob (4)
  • wena wena (4)
  • Chris Chris (3)

As promised, 2012 will be different. I will no longer be featuring top commentators on my sidebar but instead will be giving a prize for my TOP ONE commentator. Each month, I will be sending a prize to the person who will garner the most comments in a month anywhere in the world! Yes, everyone can participate anywhere in the world! I will also pay for the shipping fees!! Yay!! Isn’t that exciting?!

As for January 2012, I haven’t picked a prize yet but will be hitting the mall soon to get one. Excited?! Well, I am!!

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