Top 10 Commentators for January 2012

Another month has ended and I want to thank my awesome Top 10 Commentators for the Month of January 2012!! Thank you for making my January 2012 a happy one!!

As promised, I will always feature my top 10 and give them the linky love!!! Thank you so much guys!!!

  • Sherry Sherry (210)
  • Donna Jane Marcuap Donna Jane Marcuap (140)
  • Sherry Sherry (23)
  • AnneM AnneM (10)
  • Gastritis Blog Gastritis Blog (7)
  • Maye Domencil Maye Domencil (5)
  • rcayao rcayao (4)
  • Tina Tina (4)
  • c5 @ Battling Asthma (3)
  • cathy cathy (3)

Now for my Top 1, Ms. Sherry, as promised, I am going to send you a Top Commentator’s Gift!! So click on my contact form now and give me your complete name and address!!! Weeeehhhh!!!!

For those who did not made it to Top 1, you still have 11 months to get a chance to win a surprise gift from me!!

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