Top 10 Commentators for September 2011

Another round of recognizing my TOP 10 COMMENTATORS for the month of SEPTEMBER 2011. Thank you so much guys for your continuous visit and comments! I love you all!!

  • dins fashion dins fashion (22)
  • Jasmin Jasmin (17)
  • Pinx Pinx (14)
  • Shydub Shydub (10)
  • mela mela (8)
  • Shydub Shydub (8)
  • Ane Ane (7)
  • Macintosh Data Recovery Macintosh Data Recovery (7)
  • Prescription Glasses Prescription Glasses (7)
  • Businessgirl Businessgirl (6)

My top three commentators, Din’s Fashion, Jasmin and Pinx, will be featured at my sidebar for the whole month of October 2011. Yeah!!

Aside from that, top one commentator, Din’s Fashion, will get $5 bonus as I have promised last month as a surprise!! Congratulations!!

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Commentators for September 2011

  1. waaa sus marz mao d i nga akong mga comments wala ni sibug mura duha ka email ako nagamit heheh na separte sila duha. weel i still made it to the top 5. thanks for the link juice

  2. Congrats to those who made to the top. Hope I can make it for next month. It is gonna be a challenge sis because I have to work more hours. Take care and have a great day. :-))

  3. I made it to the second spot! How I wish I exerted extra effort to become the top commentator! ehe 🙂 Anyways, there is still next time.

    Thanks Mommy Ruby! 🙂

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