Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008


Wow!! The title of this post is quite a mouthful but a very prestigious event. My friend Joliber of has informed me that he has nominated me. Well, as much as I felt honored of his nomination, I also felt so little at the same time. I just thought that this was just another meme game but when I checked his blog and the blog where it originated, I was so scared. I mean most of the guys nominated there are very influential and famous ones – Carlo Ocab (Make Money with a 13 Year Old), Jessie Simbulan (What Have You), Joan Joyce (, Dine Racoma (The D Spot) and even Joliber Mapiles himself! That list is just to name a few of those people that I believed to have done their best for their blogs and readers. They are way big time!!

And me? Who am I? I am a mother trying to blog just to stay at home for her kids and of course to help out friends in the blogosphere with few this and that ideas! I am in mixed emotions actually, I am very happy to be recognized for my blogging efforts to help bloggers link with each other and build new friends and at the same time felt so little when great names are nominated beside you!

But, I will not deny the fact that I felt fired-up with great happiness!! After all the experiences I had with this blog and my private life, I felt God is showing a lot of ways to make me smile through my family, my friends online and offline and my regular readers/visitors.


Anyway, let us talk about the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008. There may be several questions that are pounding inside your head right now (like: how the hell she gets nominated?? LOL!!). Here we go…

Q: Who can be nominated?
A: Any blog who started from July 1, 2007 to the present and that is gaining substantial readership and has influenced others. Anonymous people are not allowed.

Q: From what country can be nominated?
A: Anywhere around the world.
And of course, there is also a cash prize behind. The Influential Blogger will be giving away $100 (in US each) to the top 10 with the best entry on their Top 10 nominations.

Now, it’s my turn to nominate. I chose these blogs because I believed their content and their dedication have influenced me and others too. Please check them out!

1. Your Partner Online – I am not nominating him because he nominated me. I firmly believed that he belongs to the list. When I started reading his blog, I can sense the honesty he has. He blogs about his ideas and not afraid for the whole world to know. He also explains a lot of things to his readers.

2. What Have You – He freely blogs about anything under the sun and the most blog posts I admired are those that relates with Google and Alexa. He explains things in plain English.

3. Bloggista – For having the heart to improve relationships among bloggers.

4. Juliana’s Liar – For always cheering up good people by leaving good and constructive comments.


6. Internet Business Guide – Indeed a great internet business guide! His blog posts are outstanding and the way he shares his strategies have greatly influenced many…also me.

7. Joan Joyce dot Com – She has a great influence not only to women bloggers but also to men. She blogs about various topics and she have great insights on things.

8. Pinay Wife – For having a big heart to share her arts for FREE.

9. Pamp’s Blog Corner – A newbie blogger who has full of insights on many things. The contents of his blog are his insights of his trial and error on blogging. He shares thus influencing people to think and explore more.

10. Pinay Mommy Online – Well, I was nominated here, wasn’t I? LOL!! Well, I think that in one way or another; I have influenced many people not only with my blog projects but also with my life. I blog both pain and happiness.

That’s my TOP 10! To know more about this prestigious event, visit the Influential Blogger today.

CREDITS: Thank you Joliber for believing in me that I deserve a spot and to Jonathan, who made me realized that being a mommy at home is worth it.

UPDATE: I need to revise my TOP 10. I need to think first. Be back later….

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • Nick

    Pinay Mommy, I’m not sure if you read political blogs… but Filipino Voices has only been up for about a month now. I hope you can include it in your list..


    Hello PinayMommy. Thank you for joining. The following are not qualified as they started before July 2007

    1. The D Spot
    2. Make Money Online with a 13 year Old
    3. Pinoy Money Online
    4. Mariuca

    Kindly update your entry and will just check on the new ones in your list next week. Thank you.

  • PinoyDeal

    hello PM! wow im greatly honored! im so touched! but im not qualified as what janettetoral said? well, that’s ok. im still happy coz u included me in your list and for that i am truly happy and grateful!

    btw, i got paid by smorty already. hahaha! nice! not too much but that feels good.

  • Mariuca

    LOL Ruby! I was all excited and then I see that Mariuca is not qualified unfortunately. But THANKS so much for having me in your thoughts, you’re da best! HUGS! :):):)

    And congrats to you on ur nomination, good luck! 🙂

  • Pinay WAHM


    Matulog ka naman Mommy Ruby!!! Parang ang tamad ko kumpara sa iyo kasi you seem to be working on your blogs 28 hours and then some a day.

    Anyway, I know you love what you’re doing so who am I to stop you, right?

    Do take some rest do as you need it. Your body and your mind both deserve a break every once in a while….take it from someone older [much much older] than you. Ask Nelle….hahaha…

    Mommy J

  • elaine

    hello PM! I really look up to these bloggers you listed. Kuya Jessie had been very helpful to me too when I was just starting my blogging journey.

  • Joliber Mapiles

    Hi Mommy Rubi, wow, thanks din sa nomination.. I always admire your initiatives because it takes a lot of effort to do such, that’s why I’ve included you on my list.. Keep it up Mommy..

  • Micaela

    Hello Mommy Ruby!

    I hope you do check out . It is a blog of a sister who shares her insights and experiences about her autistic brother. Why missing? because Carlo went to England three months ago 🙂

    Take Care and God Bless! 🙂


  • Fitz

    Hi. I think that more and more mothers are discovering blogging and they will form a strong niche in the future.

    The reason for this is that most of them have the time to go online and have a natural affinity to each other, thus it’s easier for Moms to form a community.

    Anyway, I’d like you to consider my personal finance blog for your list. I started last December 2007 and would be honored if you can visit it.

    Thanks and more power.

  • bloggista

    WOw, Ruby, I truly appreciate this nomination. Actually, I never considered myself some sort of being “influential.” Again, thanks a lot for this one. My list is actually growing – and I got your name on it too. 🙂

  • juliana

    hi! Pinay Mommy

    Honored is the best way to describe how I feel about this nomination. I’m actually starting to think now that “hey, writing about a slice of my life has been influencing others.” You’re actually the second person that nominated me for the same. Thank you very much. It may take a very long time before I can even be worthy of being considered, but the fact that you chose me as one of them makes me a winner even without actually winning.

    salamat ng marami. you take care and have a great week ahead!

  • Richard Macalintal

    hi…you may try to visit my blog. see if it suits your qualifications. i just started it last week of april and i have growing number of readers….

  • Jenaisle

    Hi Ruby, I’m sorry for the late posting. Toxic at work…

    Anyway, better late than never. I have posted mine already.

    Thanks again for the honor. I appreciate it a lot.

    All the best.


    Hello. This is to mark your entry as complete. I hope you can attend the August 11 eyeball and look forward in meeting you. Thank you for supporting this writing project.

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