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Top 5 Best Beaches in Asia

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Asia is one of the most extensive region and a home to a number of white and sandy seacoasts. Some of the most incredible and well known beaches are present here. The south-eastern part of Asia is renowned worldwide for its palm trees; weather, which is warm tropical; and the spectacular site of white sandy beaches. Some of the beaches which are popular among the international tourists for holiday destinations are present in countries like Philippines, French Polynesia, Indonesia and Thailand. If one likes surfing, relaxing and other water activities then the Asian beaches are the best to go for. There are some of the best beaches of Asia compiled by Savingmart based on a visitor’s survey:

Kata Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand
Kata beach is by far the most popular beach for families. It is situated close to the beach of Karon. Kata Beach has a pleasant atmosphere and is well known for its white sand and clean and clear ocean water. This beach is favourite among the tourists for its spectacular site of palm trees in a row, exceptional restaurants and peaceful nights. The coast is divided into two regions- Kata South and Kata Centre. Kata South is popular for its accommodations and Kata Centre is the one which is closest to the beach of Karon. The time between May to October is the best for surfing since the waves are at its peak.

China Beach, Vietnam
China Beach in Vietnam is a long beach of 20 miles and is situated in the mainland. This beach has an interesting history with a number of unique features. The name China Beach was used by the Americans during the war to refer to the wide and beautiful long beach of white sand which starts from Marble Mountain and ends near Hoi An. In Vietnam this is one of the most popular coastal destinations. In this very place, back in 1922 the international surfing contest started which is prevalent even today. If one visits the place between September to December, one can see that a number of surfers from all over the world come here for surfing during this period. Apart from the surfing there are many other activities which are not particularly related to the beach but will keep one busy throughout his or her stay. There are a few interesting places to visit near the Marble Mountain and Hoi An.

White Beach, Boracay Island, the Philippines
On the worldwide notable Boracay Island, one of the renowned tourist attractions is the White Beach. This beautiful coastline of over 2.4 miles of beautiful sandy shorelines is divided into 3 regions- Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. This place is perfect for all kinds of water activities like swimming. The entire coast of the beach is lined up with resorts, hotels, guesthouses, bars, restaurants and different kinds of stores. Hotels can be booked at Hotels.com by using Hotels.com promo codes. Though many people in the White Beach have become commercial nowadays but the beautiful scenario of the beach soothes one’s mind and people can spend a splendid time out here. These are some of the reasons which make the White Beach the most popular beach in Asia.

Boracay Beach

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Main Beach, Rabbit Island, Cambodia
Main Beach in the Rabbit Island of Cambodia is one of the least crowded beaches among all the other beaches in Asia. Previously, hardly people were aware about the fact that Cambodia even has a coastline. This beach is so much isolated from the others that there is a feeling of peacefulness and seclusion. The Rabbit Island of Cambodia is closer to the mainland but the Main Beach is the most serene among all. The shoreline of the beach is lined with small bars, palm trees and small huts for accommodation which is the most attractive thing in the entire beach. It seems like the most peaceful place on earth.

Matira Beach, Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia
Matira Beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is situated on the southern tip of the Bora Bora Island and is stretched up to a distance of 1 mile. It consists of many public and private beaches which is a major attraction for the people. Matira Beach has spectacular coral reefs that are worth watching apart from the pine trees lined up along the shore lines. The sunset in the Matira Beach is a beautiful scene to behold. When the sun sets the orange colour of the sun scatters in such a way it seems like a painted canvas. The atmosphere is very soothing and the shades of the palm trees provide a cooling effect which relaxes one’s body and mind.

There are many beaches all over Asia but among them these are the few which are not only well known by the people but also have some unique and interesting features which attract the tourists. One feels more close to the nature and it refreshes one’s mind to a great extent when visiting these beaches.

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