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Top 6 Healthy Breakfast that You Can Make in No Time at All

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When you’re running late for work it’s tempting to skip breakfast and grab something on the run. But since breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, you’re likely to want to snack mid-morning and eat more for lunch. A good, healthy breakfast is one which will fill you up until lunch time and provide enough calories to let your brain work to its maximum. Here are six ideas for healthy breakfasts which you can rustle up in no time at all.

Omelette with Smoked Salmon
This is one of the most filling and healthy breakfasts you can have, so try and make time for it at least once a week. Use salmon trimmings, which can be bought very cheaply at the supermarket. Make an omelette with two eggs, whisked together with a splash of water, a twist of black pepper and a pinch of salt. Although there is fat in eggs the smoked salmon contains Omega 3 oils, which are extremely healthy and help cognitive function. The protein in this breakfast will keep you really full until lunchtime. Just try it. You can also add salmon to scrambled eggs.

Porridge with Fruit
Porridge is a traditional Scottish breakfast and not only does it fill you up, it’s cheap and quick to prepare. The fibre it provides is great for your digestion and the slow release energy will keep you going until lunch time or beyond. Perfect if you have a busy day ahead. Add anything you like to porridge – fresh fruit, dried fruit, some low calorie jam – it’s up to you! Put a bowl of oats and milk in the microwave with a pinch of salt for just two minutes, stirring half way through. Add more milk if necessary when you stir.

Cheese, Ham and Fruit
On the Continent this is a common breakfast choice. Protein is the best ingredient at breakfast time if you want to stay fuller, longer. It cuts the appetite. Add some fresh fruit to your plate for a healthy breakfast in seconds. As long as you don’t have a huge amount of cheese it won’t be too calorific. You could try a low fat cheese instead, or a soft spreading cheese on brown toast if you prefer.

Fruit smoothies are a wonderful idea and are so quick to rustle up. Have your blender ready and prepare ingredients the night before. Try mango and apple, red berries (buy these frozen and simply add), strawberries, peaches or pears. One of these a week will be enough, as they are fairly high in calories. Use semi-skimmed milk or low fat yoghurt for the smoothie base. Check online for recipe ideas.

Homemade Muesli
Avoid expensive shop bought muesli and make your own healthy variety. It has the same healthy properties as porridge, with the addition of all your favourite ingredients at a fraction of the cost. There are some wonderful recipes to be found online, so pick your favourite. It takes seconds to prepare in the morning.

Beans on Toast
It’s an old favourite but surprisingly it is extremely healthy as a breakfast option. There is plenty of fibre in baked beans and if you have a small tin of low sugar baked beans there is plenty to keep you full until it’s time to eat again. Add some ham to the top of your toast for some extra protein and you have a quick, guilt free treat.

This article was contributed by Lloyd, a freelance writer and blogger, who is currently working with Archers Sleep Centre.


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Jasmin January 20, 2013 - 5:59 pm

Yay! Thanks for this tips! Since I do not have enough time to prepare breakfast, I usually settle for bread and coffee. I’ll try to consider these healthy breakfast.

Happiness Tips January 24, 2013 - 8:53 am

my husband and I are always on the rush during the morning so these quick breakfast ideas are truly helpful. i would like to try the cheese, ham and fruit and the beans on toasts.


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