Top Commentator Monthly Giveaway Official Mechanics

Just to make an official mechanics for my monthly Top Commentator Monthly Giveaway to make things clearer to all my loyal visitors and commentators. I want to make sure that everybody has the chance to win in my monthly giveaway.

Here are the simple mechanics:

  • Top Commentator Monthly Giveaway is a simple thank you giveaway to all my active blog commentators. Back links will be given monthly to all top 10 commentators and a surprise prize to the top commentator with the highest comments for a specific month.
  • Prize(s) for the month are not necessarily announced. It is a surprise prize. It can be an item(s) or in Paypal funds. This is under my sole discretion.
  • You can comment as often as you want in a certain post provided that the last commentator of that post is not you. Please do not SPAM my blogs. Comments will be deleted or fused.
  • You can reply to comments posted by others. Not on your own comment.
  • You can only win twice consecutive but can only join again after 3 months. Example, if Sherry won last January and February 2012, she can join again on June 2012.

If you have any questions and clarifications, just leave them below. I will be happy to answer them all.

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22 thoughts on “Top Commentator Monthly Giveaway Official Mechanics

  1. What if I won but not in consecutive months, does it mean I still can join the following month? (Like I won on Jan and March, can I still join on April?)

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