Top Commentators for May and April 2012


This is a very long and overdue post. I am really sorry. April and May are summer months here in the Philippines and I got so busy especially the kids being at home all the time. Aside from that, I was hospitalized last April and after that I rested as much as I can before I went to Iligan City for a speaking engagement.

Anyway, I hope my apology is accepted. I am really sorry!! Now, here is the super linky love to all my top commentator for April and May 2012!! Thank you so much again!!!

APRIL 2012

  • Istin (@istin21) Istin (@istin21) (22)
  • healthy breakfast recipes healthy breakfast… (20)
  • Pinx Pinx (13)
  • Green Eggs and Moms Green Eggs and Moms (11)
  • Ron Ron (7)
  • sir rob sir rob (7)
  • summer1 summer1 (5)
  • Honney Honney (4)
  • sheren sheren (4)

MAY 2012

  • Donna Jane Marcuap Donna Jane Marcuap (25)
  • Istin (@istin21) Istin (@istin21) (12)
  • Ron Ron (4)
  • Anne Anne (3)
  • Honney Honney (3)
  • Shy Shy (3)
  • Green Eggs and Moms Green Eggs and Moms (2)
  • Chelsea Saulpaugh Chelsea Saulpaugh (2)
  • Our Family Story Our Family Story (2)

As for my top one commentators for April and May, I know you have been waiting for this. So, email me now to know how to claim your prize! Weeeeeehhhh!!!!!

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