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Top Three Wellness Things Needed in a Condo: Amenities, Sunlight, and Natural Ventilation


Condominiums and mixed-commercial buildings have boomed in recent years because of affordable payment terms, and the fact that many Filipino families have started to realize that land acquisition in urban areas is difficult and expensive.

Urban migration is also one of the reasons why vertical residences and condominium rental markets have flourished. More and more prospective buyers, occupants and clients continue to search for properties that they can call home. Better the amenities and more desirable the features help these prospective clients differentiate one potential property from the others. The top three wellness things that condo-hunters look for are Amenities, Sunlight and of course, natural ventilation.

Condominium developers are besting themselves in offering luxe amenities such as pool and outdoor spaces. Tenants would love having a wide space to relax, sit down, exercise and entertain guests. People nowadays are looking are properties where they can do it all, live-work-play. People are also willing to pay extra just so they can be in the midst of everything – near transportation, shopping malls, schools, business area or their work, and entertainment.

Maximum sunlight and natural light is also a huge factor for people considering condo-living. Many developers are moving into eco-friendly and green projects thus, competition for better natural lighting and sunlight for each unit is prioritized. Sun exposure and natural lighting conditions allow maximum energy consumption because tenants will not use electricity to brighten up their living spaces.

Condominiums before are notorious for having “kulob,” suffocating and humid units. It was like living in a box with a very little opening for air to pass through. This has changed over the years as developers slowly inched towards green and eco-friendly design. Natural ventilation, airy and open spaces are a must for today’s’ condo dwellers.

Primavera Residences is one of the first mixed-use eco-friendly building to look into wellness requirements and deliver these to their tenants and clients. The design has been made to adapt to the changing climate and establish sustainable energy use. Each unit is lent with maximum sunlight and natural ventilation plus, tenants are afforded with much-coveted amenities that would allow them to live, work and play.

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