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Total Bedroom Makeover in Few Simple Steps

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The bedroom is one great place, because it gives us the time of relaxation and resting. And it is important to remain one good part of your home during the years. From time to time it will need renovations and reconstructions. Though you will not have the time and the finances to make some great changes, you still have to come up with interesting ideas, which will at least partly freshen up the atmosphere in the bedroom, making it more welcoming and cozy.
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The designers’ advice is to make a focal point in a room and then it will be easier to match and organize everything around it. The easiest and most simple way to create such a point is by making a frame. This is possible near and around the windows, so this will be the first spot that is going to be remodeled. You will need a piece of plywood, cut according to the size of your window. This upper frame will be decorative, with no real functions, but you have to be sure it will look great in your bedroom. Choose a color and paint this piece of plywood and the trims of the windows, you are installing it on, with the paint. You can add other pieces that will accomplish this focal point, you are making, such as curtains, metal sheeting, etc.

You can continue with the decorating, as you install metal sheeting in a semi-cylinder shape on the wall on both sides of the bed or the window. They will bring completeness to the decoration.
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It is possible to make nice and easy bedside nightstands from every old storage, that you have. It is good if you can find at least two pieces, so they will be symmetric. Paint it in white or any other color that will match the walls of the room. Then replace the top with a strong mirror surface and you will have fabulous results.

Many modern homes do not have curtains, but their role for the design of a room, especially when this is the bedroom, should not have to be underestimated. If you are used to your old white curtains, you can easily customize them as you add figures, cut from another fabric, which is preferable to be multicolored. You can cut squares, circles or diamonds – it is up to you to decide. Then fix these shapes to the main curtain as you use iron-on adhesive. Make one line then make another close to the first and overlapping it. At the end you will have nice customized curtains, that no other house will have.

Use the same technique with the iron to make your old pillows more attractive and fun.
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vantravelguide April 26, 2013 - 12:05 pm

very nice. I like to have a simple room with enough space to accomodate the things I want to have in my room. This is very basic but I want to have my side table and a closet. 🙂


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