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Transferred Few Blogs to Self-Hosted WP

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Maybe of you might wonder why I haven’t updated this blog lately. Well, you see, I have decided to migrate few of my blogspot blogs to self-hosted wordpress. I find self hosting to be more flexible in so many ways if really want to make more money online.

Using a wordpress blogging scripts has many benefits especially the plugins and the methods to which the search engines can easily access your blog without difficulty. Having your blog self-hosted also gives you the freedom to do to your blog whatever you please like modifying your permalinks and more.
Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about this blog because I don’t have plans of abandoning this. I love this blog because this is one of my oldest. This blog has been with me for many years now and I am planning to keep and continue updating this. I don’t want to be charged with virtual abandonment! 🙂

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