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Most of my blogger friends who knew me very well know that I am a domainaholic. I have more than 100 domains in my possession and if a promo comes my way, I am still itching to buy one. And if a one dollar GoDaddy coupon code is given to me right now, I can assure you, I will still buy a domain. LOL!!

I am not talking about buying domains right now but I am going to share to you a sudden turn of events. I have created several sub-domains!! And not only that, I migrated posts from previous “domained” blogs to these sub-domains. Yes, I have decided to let go some of the domains I owned.

Well, they are not earning blogs. I call them vanity blogs. I blog on them out of the love of blogging but now I have decided to abandon these domains and transfer them to my newly created sub-domains. Why? Since they are vanity blogs and I am not earning from them, might as well transfer them to sub-domains and then giveaway or sell the domain blogs who might need it (mind you, they have page ranks). Right? 😀

Anyway, before I forget, let me introduce them to you…

is now (on faith)


is now (on fitness)

And to be honest, I am not sure if this is the end of my sub-domain creations. I might probably make more or not. As of now, I am not sure. So, if you have time, why not visit them. And if you have blogs with the same niche, you might want to exchange links? 😀

As for the domains that have been stripped of contents, I might be selling them or make it a prize on my future giveaway. What do you think?

  1. Hazelicious
  2. Pinx
  3. Prescription Glasses
  4. Shydub
  5. Ane
  6. Jasmin
  7. Lån Penge
  8. Prescription Glasses
  9. Businessgirl
  15. gie
  16. Be Happy Tips
  17. Businessgirl
  18. Junea
  19. Icar Maghirang
  20. dimaks
  21. Businessgirl
  22. dins fashion
  23. Life Insurance by Willeus Acuna
  24. Din's Fashion

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