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Most of my blogger friends who knew me very well know that I am a domainaholic. I have more than 100 domains in my possession and if a promo comes my way, I am still itching to buy one. And if a one dollar GoDaddy coupon code is given to me right now, I can assure you, I will still buy a domain. LOL!!

I am not talking about buying domains right now but I am going to share to you a sudden turn of events. I have created several sub-domains!! And not only that, I migrated posts from previous “domained” blogs to these sub-domains. Yes, I have decided to let go some of the domains I owned.

Well, they are not earning blogs. I call them vanity blogs. I blog on them out of the love of blogging but now I have decided to abandon these domains and transfer them to my newly created sub-domains. Why? Since they are vanity blogs and I am not earning from them, might as well transfer them to sub-domains and then giveaway or sell the domain blogs who might need it (mind you, they have page ranks). Right? 😀

Anyway, before I forget, let me introduce them to you…

is now (on faith)


is now (on fitness)

And to be honest, I am not sure if this is the end of my sub-domain creations. I might probably make more or not. As of now, I am not sure. So, if you have time, why not visit them. And if you have blogs with the same niche, you might want to exchange links? 😀

As for the domains that have been stripped of contents, I might be selling them or make it a prize on my future giveaway. What do you think?

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  • Hazelicious

    Super daming domains nimo, sis. That’s why I can’t keep up but I still visit from time to time pag may break. I have no idea how many blogs you manage. But I can only say two things – you are indeed a domainholic and a super mom!

  • Pinx

    mommy rubz, this just goes to show that you are indeed a superwoman!!! bow na jud ko sa imo! hehehe… by the way, i have an award for you, hope you check out my blog! thanks!

  • Ane

    Whew! 100+ domains! 😀 WOW!

    So generous of you to think of giving some of your domains away.. 😀

    Good luck to your new sub domains sis! 🙂

  • Lån Penge

    Watch out when you move the content, it might have a negative effect on the pagerank on the original domains you want to sell.

  • Prescription Glasses

    Im 16 years old, and a very small buissness(A Horse Stable), approached me on making a web-site for them. They rather not pay for a domain so, they are using a sub-domain, and I will transfer it over to .tk. I am good and making web-sites and I know my way around tripod, but Its the first someone asked me how much I charge. I dont want to be very expensive but I dont want to rip myself off either. Im thinking it will take about 40hours to do beacause she wants lots of links, like Horse Pulls, About us, About the horses,

  • Businessgirl

    @Prescription Glasses . if you have a host account you can use wordpress to create your webpage. it is easiest and cheapest way. i suggest you that don’t use sub domain but use addon domain to your account. Cost of a domain is only about 10$ for a year.


    @Prescription Glasses:

    I am not really sure on how to charge since that is not my cup-of-tea but just what like Business Girl said, get a domain if the site is for a business. 😉

  • gie

    I agree po. buying domains is soooo addicting! my addiction naman is trying different platforms (wordpress, blogger, joomla..)so I need to have them domained as I find the hosted ones restrictive 🙂

  • Businessgirl

    Before buying a domain we must deeply estimate targets of this domain. If we couldn’t manage to puslish fresh content at equal time interval and couldn’t make enough Seo for the domain it is no use to buy a new domain.

  • Junea

    Buti nlng pala blogger ang hosting ko.. Hirap na kasi ngayon e maintain ang site eh lalo na malaki laki ang bayad kapag si wordpress ang partner mo 🙁

  • dimaks

    Sign of progress and development yan Rubz. Mamaya nyan, magbebenta ka na rin ng domains 🙂 Well, if you can manage all of them or at least give time to post in them, why not? More sites means more income, don’t you agree?

  • Life Insurance by Willeus Acuna

    Like you, I’m becoming a domain-holic too. Those godaddy promo codes do sure come in handy. I have more than a dozen domains on real estate and now, I’m moving into the financial planning domains.

    I just wish the .ph domains here in the Philippines come down in price to the same level as .com domains.

    Subdomains are great, but it seems that the search engines don’t seem to put a lot of weight on them?

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