Treasure The Moments

Picnics and camping are two activities that my children love the most. Whenever we have time and the planned activity fits the budget, the whole family would to go out and enjoy picnic or camping together. We look funny and sort of “messy” during packing because each of us is busy gathering our personal things together with the things we prefer to bring. Some of the things we prepare are picnic bags, backpacks, my baby’s clothes, towels, utensils, snacks, our portable barbecue grill safely placed inside the grill covers, and other knickknacks.

Whether we go out of town or even just outside the house, we always see to it that we will make that bonding time together enjoyable and memorable. We play games, like our kids, we chase each other and laugh our hearts out, we play hide and seek with my children while sometimes, we’re just contented watching Baby Bella smiling during her nap sessions. Oh, I just wish that we can have more time for this lately… I’ll always cherish these moments.

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