Tribute to My March Top 10 Commentators

The last time I was able to recognize my top 5 commentators was last year, October 2009. Now, I want to revive the opportunity to thank all my commentators for taking time to visit and comment here.

So, starting last month, I will recognize, not only 5, but 10 of my top commentators!! Now to start it all, here are my top 10 commentators for the month of March 2010!!

My March 2010 Top 10 Commentators
Willa (24)
Carmen Araneta (7)
Chris Chronicles (7)
Dave Domain Hosting (5)
Mommy J (3)
Cielo of Brown Pinay (3)
Badet (3)
India (3)
Kitty (2)
melandria (2)

Thank you very much for the visits and comments! Hope to see you again next month! God bless you all.

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