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Troubleshooting My Printer

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Just the other day, I was having problems with my printer and since it’s a printer and scanner in one, I couldn’t use the scanner too. So I tried to fix it because I needed to print and then scan something. But after a few minutes, it was not yet working. I thought maybe I was not able to install its scanning software or something. So what I did was un-install everything and downloaded the new driver online.

After installing, I tried to make it work. Then again, it wouldn’t. So, I called my husband and asked him why my printer was not working. Then he said my USB port is already full so it couldn’t process my printer’s data anymore. So what I did was, I took all the other USB connections, and restarted my PC. And guess what?! My husband was right. It worked!

I don’t know if my troubleshooting made sense but it worked.

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