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True or Pure Coincidence?!


Today my horoscope seems to match what is currently happening in my life. Is this true or pure coincidence? You decide. But for me, I am still fond of reading but not believing in it. ^_^

“This may be a day on which you are trying to take care of important financial business, Leo, But it is likely to be one of missed messages and bad timing. It seems that everyone you need to connect with regarding money matters is unavailable or in that part of the universe where phone-tag is the only game. You may also become aware of delays in the completion of a matter important to your income or bank balance, and this knowledge is likely to be the cause of a fairly severe argument. Unfortunately, it does not look like you will get a resolution today.”

As for my love life it says:

“If you are feeling that you have been taken advantage of in the romance department, Leo, your feelings may not be unfounded. If you are attached, it is possible that things have just gotten a little too comfortable for your partner, and they are not appreciating everything you are putting into the relationship. This can be quickly resolved with an honest conversation about both of your needs. Single? It is possible that you thought you had a good thing going there, but if something is nagging you at the back of your mind, you are best to pay attention to this today. You won’t get the honesty you want from who you want it, so you are best to just move along to the next one.”

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