Two Separate Digital Cameras


My husband works at a geothermal power plant. He is assigned to do their weekly and monthly report, thus making him as the official photographer sometimes. He needed to take pictures of their workloads as part of his report.

When he makes his reports, I can’t help but glance at the photos he took. He has pictures of big metal pipes, industrial hand wheels, people who are working and many more. He makes sure every work load is documented via photos and logbook. He is dedicated with his job.

Anyway, I decided to save up for a point-and-shoot camera for myself and give him our old digital camera because we share one old digicam. As you can see, I don’t want him to miss taking pictures for his reports just as l don’t want to miss the milestones of our children. So, I think it would be better we will have separate cameras to pursue our causes in life. That would be great right?

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  • LauraSanchez

    Of course that is important that you both have different cameras, now you both can pursue different interest. By the way you have a very nice blog, thanks for stopping by at mine, I am following you also, we can exchange links.

  • Willa

    It’s always good to have one of each, my husband use my old digicam too since I’m using my DSLR now.Very soon sis, you can buy your own DSLR too. 🙂

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