Ugly Am I?

After I posted the tag (Shot on the Spot) given to me by PinayMama and getting that rude comment, I should say, I was considering of getting an acne treatment! 😀 The feeling of being ugly yourself is quite a bit normal but when somebody tells you that you’re unattractive (note with an adjective before an adjective) is not a joke.

Anyway, after that, I looked at the mirror and tried to see why the commenter said that I was super ugly. But unfortunately, I could not see any reason why! LOL!! 🙂 I am beautiful, no matter what they say. No words can bring me down! Hahaha… I have been in hell and back, good days and bad hair days. What else in life should I take?

Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. Good thing there are billions of people in the world to behold my face. I guess not all has the same take. What do you think??

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  2. nurseabie
  3. Shebadoo
  4. Pinay WAHM
  5. bert loi
  6. Regayumi
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  8. Pinay WAHM
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  10. Mommy Phebie

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