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It’s been awhile since I have been blogging and ranting about my acne. I always look for ways how to treat acne effectively and even read acne treatment reviews. Aside from that, I actually used some of those commercialized acne products but to be honest, they are all useless! After using them for several days, they disappear and then after a few weeks they would return! Why? Does this mean the products I am using are not effective? Well, they are effective but my lifestyle hasn’t change. I still sleep late at night and even up to wee hours of dawn. So, my acne, because of stress would eventually come back to my face! Hayz!

Anyway, I am really planning to change this kind of lifestyle. I tried many times but still failed and I think the reason is that I can work best during night time because they are all asleep. No fuss and no noise! So now, what will I do with my life or let’s just say it again, what will I do with my acne?!

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